Before my first post ...

I’d like to say hi to the community here. I’ve been checking by every now and then, since I started with blender. That was about the day after I saw “Appleseed”. I was so fascinated that I said to myself “let’s check out if there is any Open Source application on 3D-modelling”. So next day I found blender, which superseded all my hopes, because I did not except to find such a sophisticated tool.

Since then I did some models just for fun - starting out with the “Gus” tutorial which probably most (if not all) of you know. That gave me a “quick” idea of some major functionality: modeling, texturing, rigging;

I also abused blender to model a special cockpit-like workspace-system, which is at the moment in “hold” because I kind of run out of creativity :slight_smile:

Today I registered here because I’ve receive my first assignment: a business partner and friend of mine has asked my to create some special 3D-content for his company’s website which has to be interactive - I’ve never done interactive things, but I’m definitely interested in taking the challenge. My questions to that thing will be posted in the support forum in about 5 minutes g.

So thanks in advance for some nice conversation and help,

i think you just did your first post! :wink:

and welcome to the community! :slight_smile:

Damn … I think you got me in this one very short moment when I lacked concentration :wink:

glad to have you on board.