before she die: blender animation practice

so how its look?

Baaad. Can’t you see? :eyebrowlift:

What exactly is your intent? What do you want to get better with?

I want to get better on animation

Compared with my other animation practice it is better? Or worse?

Hi drgci,

Just keep practicing,you will get better. One of the ways to learn faster and nail down making good animations is to trying acting it out. Get a camera, and film yourself doing the action you want to animate and then animate your 3d character using the video you have recorded as a reference. Try and replicate the poses for every frame in your reference video on your 3d character. You will be surprised with the amount of details you didn’t notice when animating before.

Always try and get reference videos of any action you want to animate. For this scene you just animated, try to do it again by acting it out by yourself or better a female friend can act it out. Then animate it using the video as a reference for the poses.

Melvi thank you ,I will do :wink: