Before The Last (Shin from Trickstyle old thing)

Thought I might finally post this, it was from a short film I started making back in 03, never finished it but learnt a lot from it, the skills finally got me to finish my first bigger short film.

Don’t have any time these days to work on new personal stuff, so heres to the oldies hehe

Some other pictures from it are on my little gallery site, also this render but an old version =)

Awesome work. The lighting in the foreground is really nice.



Dude, I really wish you would have finished this one. I was so diggin it at the time.

Still looks great.


block01cube: thanks very much =)

hahah yeah thats one that I guess will never be, maybe in the future i could get the rights to make a film for that awesome world, maybe get some help from developers of the game etc. but in the future I think making some more origional works (but im sure in the same feeling) will be the way to go. This was successful in the way that those who worked on it with me (@ndy and WP) worked as a wonderful team, and now I get the chance to work with Andy in person which is great. Well, I guess remember the past think about the future, live in the present =P

LohnC! Nice to see your work… It’s always amazing… I wish I knew how to do it like you can. The lighting there really rock. You shoud finish this animation… How about we dare each other to do that? I am thinking about doing horned lady animation as well so… LOL

Keep it up!