Before the race (final version)

This is my last work

Very nice cartoon rendering… Maybe you can tell us which renderer settings did u used?

Crazy, it’s like a tiny backpack pod-racer. Looks nice, overall. :]

Really cool cartoon look. How do you get that?

Radiosoty + AO + Cartoon = Cool render?
Looks very good… I miss a driver to the machine though (If it isn’t the turtle himself?) And one of the cables just ends up lying on the floor for no reason :confused: Very nice technic though!.. wow :slight_smile:

What I’m curious about is that poster hanging on the wall… :wink:

Thanks for apreciate my work :wink:

Kothe] said: Radiosoty + AO + Cartoon = Cool render?

And, for Roofoo, a close-up of the poster :D:rolleyes:

As I already said: a very good one, Tase :smiley:

Just, maybe a largest image for the floor, i can see the anti-aliasing process…

Good work @+

The ultime version (incorporation of a 2d character)

Wonderful, congrats.

Cool, I like your style. It reminds me somewhat of Titan A.E.