Before the Rain. [update]

This is a small project that I pulled out of large folder of unfinished personal projects!

Update: New image with grass on the right fixed, and person in foreground removed.


Good Jesus, no comments yet?
The picture is amazing. Not ‘perfect’ as I could spot some very minor issues and the noise also is kinda annoying on some parts (strangely, some parts are noisy without an apparent reason). But overall it’s very good, professional stuff, and the ‘mood’ of the scene is really pleasant.

Looks great, along with your other portfolio images!
Can you share what render engine you use + render time?

this is looking really nice!

Love it! :slight_smile:

This image is very very nicewith a well rendered mood, but as said, it’s a pity that in big, some minor issues make it look less professionnal. The ones that disturbed me most:
integration of the 2D guy
the ground of the forest on the left

@Halgfx: Thanks for the comment! :slight_smile: Noise was an issue with some areas of ambient light.
@Rhys: Thank you! :slight_smile: Render engine was octane, took about 3 hours to render at 2600k.
@Shibazz: Glad you hear it! :slight_smile:
@Viralata: Thanks for the comments :slight_smile: The humans were not meant to look photo-realistic, I was going for a more hand-drawn feel. I also agree the forest on the left could use a quick touch up!

@Sixthlaw: Awesome image! Can I ask how have you chosen to do the trees?

@ejnaren: Thanks man! :slight_smile: Most of the trees and plants were made using an excellent program called Tree[d] by frecle. Its very powerful, lightweight and has some great shortcuts! One or two of the trees were from VizPeople.

Very nice…I would to see how looks your finished project,when this is unfinished…:smiley:
Maybe some small isues like people before me said…but otherwise very good…
And looks much better on the site,here compresion is kiling the quaility of image…
Yeah…I know…my english is not soo good…

Pleasant view! Nice done! ^^

And then the rich people comes saying they don’t like paparazzi. Come on, buy another house!

@SlobodanCGI: Thanks! :slight_smile: Yeah the compression here is a bit crappy but oh-well!

@Joao: Thank you kindly. :slight_smile:

@Bao2: Haha agreed!

freaking great lighting. Some of the best I’ve seen on here, any other discussion aside.

Looks very realistic, great job!

Looks great. Personally I would remove the people though, they generally never look good on an architectural visualization.

loverly :smiley: another nice one from sixthlaw!

@Kemmler: Thank you very much! :slight_smile: Its a combination of HRDI(outdoors) and black-body emitters(indoors).
@juho: Thank you ! :slight_smile:
@NinthJake: Thank you! I agree the people are a bit of a downfall to this image, but they were made quickly. I may take your advice!
@ctdabomb: Hey again! And thank you very much! :slight_smile:

On the topic of lighting… it is amazing. I wonder is there any post production to give it that crispness? love to know how you did it… unless that is one of the secrets :wink:

i would say, Highpass filter in photoshop on some low value layer on overlay/softlight. Some layers with strong blure on low opaticly on lightening or softimage etc… Gradient maps… brushes… conected with levels… Many people finish work straight from blender… or do some colors tweaks in blender and call this as a postproduction with is just little percent of it.

The real post production can be only done in programs such photoshop.