Begginer, Move, Rotate, Scale

Can i change the hotkeys of default Move, Rotate, Scale to these ones ( i can’t control arrow pretty well

G x or G xx (Press the x key twice after the g key and move the mouse)
G y or G yy
G z or G zz

R x or R xx
R y or R yy
R z or R zz

S x or S xx
S y or S yy
S z or S zz

x, y, or z clicked once will perform the function in global space, pressing a second time will use local/object space, and a third time will clear the constraints.

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You can also hold MMB instead of X, Y or Z to choose a global axis.

I was asking if it was possible to change the default, for the ‘‘gizmo’’ more like in maya, while i was waiting for answers i did some ‘‘muscle memories exercises’’, and i catually like the way it is.

Thank you guys for the help!

User Preferences (Ctrl Alt U) > İnput > 3D View > 3D View (Global)