[begginer] using matlab coordinates in blender

Hi all. I am new in Blender and I could really use some help. I have a school assignment that is due in three weeks and this is the only place I could go to. The idea was to record a movement and animate a 3d character in Blender, but the problem is I didn’t get a bvh file or any other mocap data file and instead I got two videos (we used only two cameras) of marker movement and two matlab programs to get the coordinates. So after I clicked on every marker in every frame of those videos I used the other matlab program to make a 3D reconstruction of markers. Now I have 3D position of those markers in every frame, but I don’t know how to use them in blender. Matlab coordinate system is different from the one in Blender and even when I rotate the coordinates for 270 degrees around x to get the same one I still have a problem because the markers are not positioned in the center as the 3d model in blender is. So basically the question is is there a way to use those coordinates so that the 3d model could still look like a mocap?