Begginer's animations

I’m new to Blender and i’m learning how to use it because I’m a university student in the area of game development. I was always interested in 3D stuff, and in this area seems to be an important skill that we should know very well. This 3 videos that i will post below are animations that i did in the last week with the help of some tutorials. But the series of tutorials that i watch seems to be a little old… So i came here to ask some advises:

  • Is there some series of tutorials, from the same person, that begins explaining from the basics advancing to the more hard stuff?
  • I’ve got a computer a little bit old (with a Pentium Dual Core T2310 1.46GHz). And he takes a long time rendering very simple projects… And at the time i don’t have the monetary capacity to buy a new computer. So i’m thinking about buying a used server from companies that buy new ones. Is that a viable option?

Thanks in advance for all the help :slight_smile:

I suggest BornCG on YouTube, I learned a lot from his videos.

Thanks, seems to be awesome! When I’ve got free time i will follow every video! And about the other question? Is viable to buy a used server?

Don’t know how to answer that one but wanted to give you an advice. Try using the video sequencer editor in blender for your videos to make one lumped video. So for now these three will become your first demo reel :). Everyone has to start out and its great to see the best work in a single video instead of multiple. Regardless if it’s your first or you don’t think it looks good. All animators adds, polishes, their demo reels to make them better each time. Then after a while you can look back on this demo reel you made and see so much that you have learned since then.

Another advice is that sometimes you don’t really need miraculous lighting for your animations so just a simple Blender Internal rendering with three lights and a weak ambient/environment lighting can be good enough. So with Blender internal can take around only around 13seconds to around 2minutes for each frame depending what materials, resolution, textures, and how many models. At “HDTV 720p” is pretty good for simple rendered animations and low taxing on your CPU and/or GPU. Yea it does add up but just think of Pixar when they first started. I believe it took 21 hours for one frame when they started out and now probably a couple of hours.

So, a simple lighting and compositing tutorial for Blender Internal and animation tutorials. Also a tutorial on how to edit vids and pics in blender’s video sequencer editor. Trust me that sequencer is fun to use :). Oh and if you want some fun, go to 11secondclub is a free animation competition site that can help beginners, intermediates, and even the professionals at times. You can get great info about animation, tips, tricks, and also some awesome animation exercises in it’s forums.

Hopefully this will help you. Happy animating :smiley:

Thanks!! I think that is a awesome competition!!! Once I’m a little more confident with my work I’ll start entering that!

If you want to improve your rocket animation, I made a tutorial on that a LONG time ago. In case you want to check it out, here’s the link to Part 1: