Beggining Modeling

Hey. I am pretty new to Blender, and the only things I know how to do are

  1. add meshes,and link meshes
  2. Navigate through the 3D world
  3. link/split screens

My goal is to be able to create 3D images as well as I can sketch (I can sketch very well) and make actual effects like “denting” and “smoothing” because how do you make an orc face with just a circle? How do you add the texture that you need? I ask that EVERYONE who has more experience with this sort of stuff to post ANYTHING they think would help

i see u are coming if 200 mph :slight_smile:
i suggest that first try making some tutorial ,
starting fast can make u be desperate very soon

here is noob to pro a very good online book

u can do somthing nice
for example u want to do texture . just google this

Welcome , and happy blending

Welcome to the forums ArdorGameLabs!

Shay is right! So maybe this tutorial that I wrote would help?

Thanks Guys! I just finished the snowman tutorial! I think I have the basics down (nearly) and I will give that mushroom one a shot! But what should I do next?

because how do you make an orc face with just a circle?

Do you want to model an orc by any chance? I’d say, get some good reference images (of a humanoid) and give box modelling a shot!

If you can find reference images, that’s cool, but if not I have some you could use…

when I was first learning blender, other than simply practicing modelling ( there were not many good modelling tutorials at that time ) I went through the list of hotkey commands from excellentwhales site, made a check by each one of them that I didn’t understand the meaning of, and one by one, went through the list, researching until I understood that function. you really have to take a bit by bit approach, because blender does so many things, and some of them take a long time to master. Keep your main focus on modelling, and understanding edge loops at first, and aside from that, just take things one at a time. If you get frustrated with one thing, move on to the next, and go back to it later.

Ok… I will look into it!

hi im a noob too.
what i suggest is that you make a goal and then try to improve on it as much as possible learning everything you can on the way there. for example if you want to make an office make the most detailed office possible and keep looking for tutorials to make it better.

good luck