begginings of surreal wip (dont get ur hopes up)

ya, once i get an idea, and start blending, theres no stoping me, cept for class ending, so heres wut i made in about an hour, might do more tommorow, wucha think

harsh cnc on modeling,
regular cnc on lighting, environment, mood etc

ideas for focal point would be nice! lol

i hate the blood, and ideas on improvement?

well, the blood? looks more like a hose. The…er…(forgot the word) handle seems fuzed to the …damn it! pathetic today) :expressionless:
I’ll leave the comment about the enviroment, etc to others…

it seem like it would tough to turn the faucet on or off… just add a seam there…

creepy idea… ME LIKES IT!!

erm i forgot words to but heres a shot in the dark the turny thingy that turns water on and of is actually atached to the pipe thingy isnt it?

If it is surreal, water/blod/oranjuice/whatever should fall up


That’s a great idea… maybe have rows of faucets spraying up at the ceiling & flooding it… with empty rusty basins lining the floor beneath. :o 8)

good idea, maybe ill try that

thanx maybe an update tommrow unless the WC topic is up and i have a good idea…