Beginers python tutorial updated

(saluk) #1

It now has somewhat of a table of contents, it’s still a bit unorganizaed, but most importantly, I have added another segment to it! This segment covers some slightly more advanced things and also includes how to use sensors/actuators in the script to do things.

Have fun, and yell at me if it’s too confusing:) Make sure you point out what’s confusing so I can figure out how to improve it.

(wes1) #2

I have look to the update Verry good, i had only took a quick look, well if I see something that’s not good or things you have to do better i will late you know ! i hope i will now understand python … there’s a run on Pythonscripters and the most have no time

thnx Saluk

(OTO) #3

Ah at least!!!
Finally maybe i’ll undertand something about that Python thing :slight_smile:

Thank you very much Saluk and PLEASE continue


(joecool) #4

GOD BLESS YOU, MAN! :stuck_out_tongue:

(ndnchief) #5

I know this will be a very popular and appreciated tutorial you are working on. I look forward to be able to use Python in my gaming, and your tutorials im sure will make it less painfull. Right now I am still not beyond Logic Bricks and using Expressions, but soon I will tackle Python and look forward to the challenge. Again thanks for your efforts in helping the Blender community understand this (Python Scripting) and how it applies to Blender. There is not alot of Blender specific Python Tuts out there, so this is much needed… Thanks again for your time and effort…

The NDN…

(S_W) #6

Yes, great explanation of the python programming fundamentals!
I think this also really helps people who don’t have any experience with programming languages. (yeah it’s cool to write an own script, isn’t it :wink: )
I’m really looking forward to some new articles.
Keep the good work up saluk! :stuck_out_tongue:

(OOPz) #7

Thank you!