Beginers python tutorial

(saluk) #1

I’ve begun writing an ultra beginers python tutorial for game blender. If you know very much at all about python or using it in the game engine, this will probably seem way too condescending for you. I tried to write it for those with no experience at all. I don’t think it’s a very good tutorial, and there’s only like one chapter written so far, so please give me feedback on it.

The next bit that actually gets into some interesting stuff should be up tomorrow.

also, you can see some screenshots for darksun on my projects page, be sure to check them out when you stop by. I don’t really like posting a new topic every time I add something to my site, so some of the updates have been there for a while. Have fun!

Check them out at my site: VVVVVVVVVVV

(wes1) #2

Yo Saluk I’m don’t know anything about Pyhton what I do know is C++ but i’m a newbie so the point is I know what is hard to understand and the things that really needs to explain well for the beginners as programmers.

I would like to help let me know if you are interesting

PS I’m also writing tutorials for about learning how to make textures. they are verry COOL I can tell you that :wink:

And check the forum we want to know if you all are interssting in a Game Contest lett us know

(saluk) #3

Yeah sure, if you want to read over what I’ve got so far to see if any of it is overly redundant or too confusing, that would be great. I’m pretty sure I know where to go from here, I think eventually I need to seperate it into several layers, like, if you understand python already and just need to know how it applies to blender you read the bold, if you know programming but not python you read the italics, and if you know no programming you read the regular text, or something. Maybe the other way around. For now, I think the easiest way is to write for the lowest common denominator, it can be trimmed for the more knowledgeable later. If you have any good tips on how to explain some typical programming stuff like ifs, fors, lists, etc, to someone who has never seen somethng like that before, I would definately appreciate it.

I think a game contest might be just what the community needs, but it would have to be for a simple game as there are just too many things most games need that a contest wouldn’t work well. Unless it’s a long range contest, but most people working on games right now probably wouldn’t want to take too much time out of current projects for a longer range project. So I’m not sure how well a contest would work. Maybe it could be set up with a preset group of models, sounds, and maybe some basic physics that have to be used in the game, that would eliminate some of the work and focus the contest more on how a game plays than how it looks. Some rules would have to be set to keep the super python people from overpowering the super non-python people. Maybe the scripts could be predetermined like the models and no other python would be able to be used. Or we could do 2 divisions, a python and a non-python one.

Still, I think a contest is a wonderful idea. You should start a new thread :slight_smile:

(wiensta) #4

good idea saluk.

this is much needed.

I wish I had more time for gameblendering again… maybe next year.

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I really would like to help you with the Python tut’s just send it to my mail and i will give comments and tip etc.

[email protected]

About the contest,

Well it would de lik 1 or two months, but with use of the forum you can make teams so that you won’t have to make it on you own. But we want to know if any one’s is interrested first, than we can make the rules and stuff.

Let me know about the Python Tut’s :wink:

(saluk) #6

The python tutorial is just on my webpage, here is a quicklink:

I haven’t started writing the next part yet.

(wes1) #7

He Slaluk I read your Python tut and it’s great i think i getting to start it!!! i think it would be good if you supportit with screenshots of the Realtime Buttons!!!

Great job, :smiley: this is what beginners need. They need to know what the commands do and why and how you have to use Variables in cobination with Commands and Logicbricks

(Pooba) #8

Finally, a tutorial specifically for blender in the gameengine. I’m going to try it soon, but I dont’ have time for it yet. Thank you saluk, it looks really good. Seems kinda short, and maybe you should make different pages for each of your tutorials, it seems weird doing it all ont he same page.

(saluk) #9

Yeah, I should definately seperate pages, as well as including a download version, I’ll make sure and organizae it better when I finish it. The reason it is so short is because it’s not finished it:)

I did add the second segment of it though, it’s a tad bit meatier. The first segment is kind of all the getting ready, basic programming ideas etc that are hard to explain; the second segment: the one I just added, deals more with how to actually write scripts and activate things; the third segment will go into some more advanced techniques and scripts, and the fourth segment will be more a guide to how to approach new things that haven’t been tried before, where to find the documentation, etc.