begining of a city

After i lost the blend file for my other attempt at a city:(, i decided to make another one but instead of an ancient theme, i decided to go with a modern or futuristic one. Heres a pic of the results i got after working on it for about an hour, just one structure, well four but i meant it to be a hospital or something. Its just one building of hopefully many.:smiley:


I added a swirly monument and a twisted building! Please comment!:smiley:


nice :smiley:
what’s the monument for? does it serve any useful purpose?

also, IMO the twisted building should taper down at the top, maybe with some kind of spike/antenna on top?

i look forward to seeing more progress

thanks spacetug, i think that the monuments purpose will be to collect wind enrgy by spining or something. im not exactly sure if that would really be considered a monument but i dont really know what it is yet exactly.On the twisting tower thing i think i will taper it off a bit towards the top or make some sort of flashy spire thing.

ooh! that’s an interesting idea.

i’m not sure it would balance very well if it had to spin, though

if it’s not perfectly in balance, it would wobble or vibrate, and right now it looks seriously cool, but also seriously out of balance

EDIT: it would also probably pose a threat to birds

lol yea, just a small threat to birds, and plains and anything else tht flys!

but yea i added the spire thing and im still trying to make the swirly thing look more stable, i also made some more buildings:D


oops srry wrong pic, lol heres the one i wanted to post



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yea i have added a couple of buildings but how many should i add to make it look like an average city?

Yeah well… i added more buildings and more road tunnle things, i also moved the twisting tower thing so it has a better spot in the scene. More updates coming soon!:smiley:


It does look futuristic but not realistic since all the buildings look the same.

Edit: After thinking about it, part of the problem with your city is that it has no history. In modern cities there is a mixture of old, stout concrete high-rises and glass-covered skyscrapers

Wow! There are SO many polys!!! I like the style and theswirly monument, a very futuristic thing.
My guess: try to make it a few more bright.

thanks everyone, taking into consideration evreyones comments, heres what i have come up with, i decided to put the city inseide a glass dome, i added a hemi for light, made more buildings and tried to make them different from eachother, and finally got a world sky texture from CG textures.:smiley: The image might look a little grainy and the shadows darker but thats because i turned down the AO.


yes, i agree

this does seem to be a detail that is missing from many “futuristic” cities

i think the skydome should have less metal structure, so as to let through more light

also, you could stick solar panels on the dome

oh and i just realized that the monument wouldn’t spin, because any wind in the dome would be artificial, and harvesting it would be a waste of energy

The spire building reminds me of a DNA Double Helix:D

Great work on your city 3D Geek

well i removed the dome considering the swirly thing and the light issue, but how do i make my city hava a old/new look? what should i do to my buildings? What should i add to the scene?:confused:

here’s a few suggestions
(i’m no expert though)
fill it as full as you can so there’s no empty places: there shouldn’t be much space left anywhere
put smaller buildings mixed in with the larger buildings
vary building materials
(concrete, brick, steel, wood, glass, futuristic materials)
put in signs (ads, street signs, etc.)
future people will be just as dumb, and need just as much guidance :yes:
give it complex and confusing roads
put in a few parks, unless the city is heavily polluted
put in places to park (parallel parking, parking lots, parking garages)
add statues flags and monuments?
add land features

that’s all just my opinion, though

here’s a nice one:

thanks ill work on it and give an update in a couple of hours:yes:

ok, heres a preview of a monument that i have come up with.:smiley:


well, what i meant was more like things with a history

like for significant events, famous people, etc.

that looks more like some kind of art or something, IMO