Begining python tutorials

Does any one know of any good books or tutorials for learning python? I would like to start doing some cool stuff without using some elses scripts, any help?

You should check out “Mastering Blender” You can probably get it at amazon for a good price.

Hey, I’m making a python tutorial series, the tutorials come out every 2 days, and once you finish learn the python with no blender, then I’ll start the tutorials with python in blender…

Here’s my playlist:
My Python Tutorials

And here are also a good series, but still no blender :(:
Bucky’s Python Tutorials

Yea, typing “python tutorials” into google will return a lot of useful resources.

Although, one of my favorite videos about the OOP paradigm, in python, would be this one:

Interesting, i shall look forward to other tutorials you put up!
I’ve been looking for good Blender Python tutorials.
Although your tutorials i recognise from a downloadable Python book.

what sort of Blender GE tutorials will you be doing when you get around to them?
Like…showing us how to set the Torque on an object…or rotate it…move it on the Y axis,
How to append an object into an inventory…how to make a save and load script etc.

Because i think most of us here would like to learn how to make an inventory and save/load scripts =]