Begining work on a massive robot...

massive in the sence that it will be VERY detailed!

first step…conceptual blending:

Next, make it a feasable hand, mechanics that can work that is…

Decided I hated the hand, so re did it.

So far its a whopping 127,000 polys. ALOT of detail you can’t see from this angle. wires, etc.

I’d say the hand is about 75% done right now. needs alot more detail.


tahts alot of detail

wow :o That looks rather good!!! As it kinda looks lke it wont be finished for a while, can you give us an idea of what the robots gonna look like when it’s finished? I’m definitely keeping my eye on this WIP


thats really good, keep up the good work.

That reminds me of the old Calvin and Hobbes strip where calvin starts drawing a picture, and later says how the line he draw in like 20 minutes is one blade of grass.

Great detail and all, but from the looks of your picture, you’re going to have problems if you want to make a fist.

it can make a half-fist the way it is modeled. mainly I just want it to be able to pick things up, it’s not a combat unit. :slight_smile:

Sure, but it’s easier to pick things up if you can actually close the hand :stuck_out_tongue: I wish I had your patience, btw. I usuallycan’t keep focus on one thing for more than a couple of hours, and then I start the next project that’s never going to be finished :frowning:

True…I may edit the fingers a bit more. so they can close all the way.

actual modeling time so far is only about 3 hours…excluding render times. :smiley:

wow now go for the whole robot :stuck_out_tongue: i guess you wont see that threads in his fingers :stuck_out_tongue: but very nice @ all

The second hand is really better. What a lot of detail. I’m looking forward to seeing the complete robot.

OK, work has begun on the wrist…I also beveled all of the new parts…bringing the poly count to…get this… 160K :smiley: Thats a bit more then I wanted, but oh well…

Excellent! …but when you finish this massive robot, will the program be able to handle all the components together??

sure. there is no longer a 1 million poly limit anymore. so I don’t see why not. :slight_smile:

hmm…are you trying to steal my THEME?? I’m the one who make robot/mech remember??..PFFF

:stuck_out_tongue: well great start and I can see you’ll be pushing the details to the max! Keep it up, I can’t wait to see it finish!

WOW :o That’s totaly AWESOME :wink: But yea will your comp be able to handle it once it’s a bit farther?

sure it will. :slight_smile:

Does a quick test

3 million polys slowed things down a little…but not much.(Unless they were all a single object…LMAO)