Beginner [1st Time!] Modelling Project (Porsche + J-10 + V22)

Here is my V-22 Osprey:
with the reference being:
And my Porsche 911 GT3:
I understand the materials aren’t quite perfect. But I’m willing to pick up any tips on materials and modelling.

Screens for the Porsche:

refresh the page if u cant see it…
i’lll put the link up… i cant believe no one has replied :confused:

what sort of comments are you after?
the helicopter is on its way to getting good, though i dont like the DoF. the render on the plane is too bright as you’ve lost the top shape, and theres something wrong with the tail rudder shape - the reference shows the tail looking more planer, but you’ve got a bit curve on the front edge of the rudder, otherwise its good, just add textures. the car needs work on the texture - it looks like a plastic toy and needs a better environment, but otherwise very good - thats the best model you’ve shown.

Hey fella,

I dont know that there is much wrong with the modeling here man. Textures could use a tiny bit of work but on the whole you have some quality stuff here! Actually looking at it, i dont think the textures are the problem, i think it is the lighting! You need key lights to act as high lights on the out most edges of the textures.

Great work if you ask me! Keep it up and i look forward to seeing more, especially WIP to completion!

Thanks man. i really appreciate the comments. Textures texture texture i guess.
i think the main problem about the aeroplane is the fact that i didnt actually texture the main body, just the wings. textures for J-10s are so hard to get hold of because there are so little good quality photos.
i’ll have a look about getting it. i’m gonna leave this for a while because school has started and it’s busy. i’ll come back to it in the holidays.
does anyone have a good texturing tutorial? UV or otherwise? i could do with a bit of help on that aspect. i’m unsure of what i should look for in a texture and what i should do to make one.

there are bucket loads of good tutorials on youtube, blendernewbies and other random spots. I personally like the video tuts at the moment because hearing the explanation over the video sinks in better than reading it… you’ll be making your own textures for that plane in no time.
i would prefer to model till the cows come home - probably like yourself - but texturing is the thing that i need the most practice, those references will hopefully help you as much as they are helping me. - check my sig ‘final’ for my latest project.

thanks. will check them out when i get time. i think it’s not a problem with my modelling now, just the texturing. mand 3d modelling eats quite a chunk out of ur free time :wink: