Beginner 3D Artist Looking for Project Collaboration

Hello! I’m a beginner 3D artist looking to collaborate on projects to gain real experience working in a team. While I have extensive experience following tutorials, I’m eager to apply my skills in real-world projects and learn from other talented artists.

Here are the skills I bring to the table:

  • Blender: UV unwrapping, low/high poly modeling, texturing, UV mapping, etc.
  • texturing in Substance Painter
  • Marvelous Designer
  • some sculpting skills in ZBrush
  • Unreal Engine and familiar with Unity
  • Adobe Photoshop

I’m passionate about improving my craft and excited to contribute to any project where I can learn and grow. If you have a project and need an extra hand, I would love to help out.

Looking forward to collaborating and learning with you!


Hello and welcome to blenderartists !

It’s not easy to find a good volunteer project that is serious enough so you’ll be able to learn and progress, but it’s possible. Keep in mind that many times it’s a lot of energy invested compared to what you get in return. I advice you to pick a project that you really like and make sure people are talented enough to help you grow. Ask them if they already made some visuals and if they don’t, it’s probably going to be difficult.

Something that people do a lot is to look for a 2D artist / designer that they like, and turn their work into 3D.
You can post that work in the Focused Critique section of the forum and get some feedback.

Also you can post your portfolio and ask for a review.
It’s different ways to get feedback from experienced artists and prepare yourself for real-world projects.


join in our team

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I’m excited about the opportunity and would like to learn more before joining. Here are a few questions I have:

What is the project about?
How many people are on the team?
What specific tasks or roles are you looking for help with?
What are the project goals and deadlines?

Looking forward to your response! :heart:

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