beginner asks: blender with M3g?!

Hi all,
I’m working on 3d graphics for mobile project.this is my graduation project. my application needs a human body (the upper half).
I need to animate each bone in the body.
the animation will be done in the code (I use j2me).
my questions below need m3g experts.
I draw the body in blender and I want to export it as m3g file, how can I retrieve the bones. can I retrieve them by an Id like an object?.

Other question: is it possible to bind more than one mesh to one skeleton? if yes, How?

unfortunately, I am a beginner in 3d grapics design but I must implement this project, I need the help.

sorry for the weak language.:o

Dont know answer to your question, but shouldnt this be in the Python programmign section?

thank U.
m3g files are used in Java programming
I don’t know what is the proper section.
any j2me programmer helps me?
thanx again