Beginner Bounds on Armature or on the character ?

Working on a game. My problem is I want the computer to calculate me character physics so I tried to apply Convex Hull bounds on the character but it doesn’t work because the character is attached to an armature so it won’t work … any ideas
[sorry for bad english etc … ]

parent the armature to a cube which is the size of the character, make the cube dynamic, and the player’s mesh and armature no collision, then try.

(you may want to set the players mesh to static and ghost if you want to detect collisions only on the player and not the whole cube, like for bullet hits)

Thanks it worked BUT I used actuators and controllers (WASD) to control the player’s movement and I applied them to the armature, is that the right thing to do? Or should I add them to the outer box?

You should add them to the box :smiley: I suggested a box due to it’s efficiency with physics, but you may want to try a cylinder or sphere (stretched to the size of the player of course :smiley: ), sphere will be best if your character will encounter the physically dreaded abomination that is a set of stairs.

THANK you now I feel stupid :smiley:
really thanks though - [SOLVED]