Beginner - Can not edit Path


i’am new to Blender and i’am working on a naval cannon just for fun and learning. Now, after i opend my blend file again, i want to change something on a tau, but i can’t edit the path /curve anymore.
I switch to edit mode and clicked on the curve, but the curve never highlighted and i can’t see any handles.

I guess i need a little help …

kind regards

You’ve selected the ‘brooktau’ mesh object. The curve is the ‘brooktau_path’. You can select it in the outliner. In 3D view, when objects are inside one another, clicking several times can let you cycle between them. Or, if you’re using default keymap, you can Alt+click, and you should get a menu with all the overlapping objects so you can pick the one you need like that.

Ahh … lesson learned. Many many thanks!!

kind regards