Beginner character artist hobbyist help

Can someone recommend me a Website that I can get video tutorials to start modeling characters in blender. (Free and paid tutorial websites I don’t mind). I just want to look for a good source of content. I’m a hobbyist that likes character creating and I would love to 3D print them too. I can handle myself in blender I have done little stuff but I want to become a good artist. Thanks in advance.

This is one of the best series I’ve found:

Dikko is an incredible, straight-forward, teacher. He teaches you how to make a character in the right way, explains all the reasoning, and doesn’t waste your time

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Thank you!, I will def take a look. :smiley:

Their tutos are a bit old but I like Sebastian Lague’s and Darrin Lile’s

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Raf Grasetti (my personal fav) does a great course, it’s in Zbrush but you can basically follow along in Blender just as easily:

And Kent Trammel’s Human course is excellent also:

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