beginner : Different materials


I’m trying out some stuff in blender but everytime I want to give my selection a matirial ( a colour for example ) the other things that aren’t selected change with it.

How do I solve that ?

thanks on advance!


You need to give your objects there own individual materials ,it sounds like they are just shareing the same one , which is why when u change your material they all change.

select your object then on the material panel

choose add new by clicking on the up/down arrows next to MA

now you should be free to change this materials colour ect without the other objects changing, but if you do want an object to share the same material select that object and then rather then chosing new select the material you have already made from the list.

We have a nice forum search (just in case you haven’t seen that).

We do also have a nice manual (

And the answer to your question: