Beginner dragon sculpt help!

I’m a beginner organic modeler and I’m making kind of a traditional D&D style western dragon, but I need a little help, preferably from experienced modelers and sculptors. By the way, I’m in in the sculpting stage before retopology.

Are there any tutorials that really helped you achieve photorealistic sculpts and materials? Like, when do I UV unwrap? How detailed does my retopology need to be? What’s the difference between micro displacement, mesh displacement, bump maps, and the displacement thing in cycles? Etc. I’ve mostly done interiors and hard models, so I’m not really sure of myself in this area.

Also, how can I get an amazing bone/horn structure without making it too extravagant or unoriginal? I thought something like this might be cool:

Thanks in advance for any tips you might have, I really need them. (Obviously):sweat_smile:

you are probably looking for something like this

Yeah, I’ve seen that but I’m already invested in CG Cookie, though. Don’t want to spend much more.