Beginner experimenting with water

I am in the process of making a logo for a friend, but now it has turned into something of an experimentation project. I would like some critique on what I could do better on this logo like how to make the water look better (other than increasing fluid resolution…I will do that for a final render), what ‘background noise’ I could add (to match the sound in the wmv), or just making the logo look cooler overall.
Before I changed the dirt material
Too much fresnel I think…
Experiment with transparency that did not work as I thought it would…

Video with logo and sound (very very low res because I rendered it at smaller than usual):

Raw AVI from a previous render at low res:

thats AMAZING water! how do you do that?

I used the fluid simulation with no container (only the domain). Because of the fact that the water body was set about .05 units above the bottom of the container, it makes the ripples from the water falling slightly into the domain shape. I then basically laid the terrain into the water. The terrain is not an obsticle, so it appears that the water is in the middle of the terrain. However, I can’t get the water to look too good when I have this stone thing thrusting upward (I will get pics of it as soon as I get home from school…). There is heavy use of the ray mirror effect in the material.

The rippling looks really nice. But the water needs to be more transparent, as it is now it reminds me of mercury or hammered and polished metal (at least I’ve never seen water giving such a complete reflection). I don’t know how to achieve that though.

its really good, but the logo at the end, you should make in blender.

How exactly do you do that? I have never quite grasped how to fade into scenes and stuff in blender…so far I have been using windows movie maker for that, although I really would like a better method since WMM really sucks…

Well here is my latest rendering. It took 12 hours, so I am not going to repeat it and I think I am going to call it quits from here…

The raw file was 300-ish megabytes for 250 frames, so it wouldn’t even play at full speed until I compressed it into wmv.

Awesome update!

you know in your logo, the X thing? you should make that the shape of the top drill or the drill to look like that, to make it better. just an idea, but its awesome!

you were asking a question, fades or sumthing. were you talking to me? cause all i sugested was make the logo in blender.

I was asking pretty much everyone

About the coney thing…I am thinking of cutting off the video when it is in the same orientation as the logo (e.g. the cone is viewed from the side at about frame 160, so cut it off there).