beginner : full screen and shadows

Hi all,
I learn to use the Game engine. I use the 2.57.1 version.

Is it possible to start the game in fullscreen, instead of the 3D view ?
There is a Fullscreen check box in the Render tab of the Properties window but I think it is dedicated to the exe export.

How about the shadows in the Game Engine ? It looks like they are not rendered, even if the Ray Shadow property is set in the Object Data tab.

Thanks !

You can switch to fullscreen with Ctrl + Up Arrow. And you can close the left toolbar with T and the right with N.
Fullscreen check box is for the blender player and the exe export.
If you want realtime shadows then you must use a spot light.

Ray shadows dont work in Blender GE you need to use buffered instead.

thanks for those tips
I have tried the tutorial on the real time shadows
but it looks very complicated, a lot of parameters to set … I haven’t succeeded yet to see any shadow

Or same thing that HG1 says you can just hit shift and space at the same time does the same thing. Just a bit easier to hit the keys. well it is for me.

Also important, if you want real time shadows, you must set it to GLSL shader mode, which is not active by default I don’t think. Depending on your blender version, activating this is slightly different. I’m assuming you have 2.5, so in the 3D menu, hit n. In the menu that pops up on the right, find the “Display” tab and open it up. In the tab, find he drop down box labled “Shading:” (probably set to multi texture). Set that menu to GLSL. Create a spotlight, make sure it is using bufferd shadows, then voila. You should have shadows.

2.5 also has the game engine abilities in a seperate mode. Up on the top header, the drop down box that sais “Blender Render” should be set to “Blender Game”. That shows many of the menus that are required for game making.

For 2.49, if I remember correctly, you go to the game menu, in line with the file menu. In that menu there should be a option to change the shader mode.

Last thing. In order to use GLSL, you have to have a new-ish graphics card. I can’t remeber the exact specifications, but if your computer hardware is more than 5-7 years old, theres a possibility it might not work. I think…

You’re right, this should be my problem, I use a quite old laptop.
I looked for the specification of my graphic card, this is a Intel GMA 950. I got :
OpenGL* 1.4 support plus ARB_vertex_buffer and EXT_shadow_funcs extensions and TexEnv shader caching
I’m afraid this is not enough for GLSL.
Do you think I could solve the problem with a software rendering OpenGL library like Mesa 3D ?

By the way, I have found a complementary way of starting blender game in full screen.
After ctrl + UP, press the fullscreen button on the right of the menu toolbar (after File, Add, Game, …), then P
And the game is fullscreen
Then ESC and press the fullscreen button again to come back to normal state.

I made a blend file with a fullscreen scene lay-out without menu.
Use Alt+F11 key to remove the Windows frame.
Press Ctrl+Right Arrow to switch back to the default scene lay-out.


Fullscreen25x.blend (429 KB)