Beginner help, faces not showing up.

Hey guys, I’m new to blender and I’m having a bit of trouble. When I’m in texture mode viewing my model some of the faces disappear yet they are visible in solid view. How can I fix this? Thanks!

Screen shot below.

I loaded a scene of mine and had a similar experience. In my case, part of a sidewalk disappeared. It seemed as if the diffuse value of my sidewalk was the same as the default background and thus, “disappeared”. I turned on GLSL shading, and it reappeared. Have you tried changing the shading option? (N button - Display Section)

I just changed the shading in my scene and it didn’t help, the sidewalk literally vanished, but, is visible in the render (and in object mode) the object also disappeared if I was in object mode and had “texture solid” clicked. Quite strange.

Often face that become invisible in textured mode means that their normal are in fact inverted.
In Edit mode, select your model and press CTRL+ (or button “Recalculate” in the T panel to the left of the 3D view)
And depending on how your model is (if it has overlapping or internal faces by example) if it does not work, select the faces that are a problem and invert their normals (button “Flip Direction” in the T panel, to the left of the 3D view)

Faces are visible only from the side where normals are casted. Sometimes, if your mesh is open Blender has difficulties to decide which side is outside. In that case, simple modifications to the mesh can allo getting the normals in the right direction when recalulating, instead of having the oustide inside !

This advice was wonderful, thank you both especially the detail that you provided Sanctuary. Between the two of you I now understand what was going on and how to make it work as I wish.

Thanks guys! It was the normals!