Beginner help needed, "join" stuff

Hi there, I’m really new to blender and learning to model. I’d like to model a pencil so I found this tutorial: and I’m stuck between step 1 and 2 :smiley:

When I make 6-edged cylinder, the top and bottom are made of triangles (and not 1 piece as in wings tutorial). I want to “join” those triangles so I’d get top in one piece and bottom in 1 piece.

I tried selecting multiple triangles and pressing Fkey, but it goes until I have “plain” and 1 triangle left, when I try to join last two pieces I get error “Cannot make polygon with interior vertices”.

So, how can I “join” those triangles?

You can’t. Blender makes faces with 3 (triangles) or 4 edges (quads), not more (which is called nGons). I guess in the last version, it’s possible to “fake” it, but you can do this tutorial while keeping the triangles.

Blender only makes three or four edged faces, so the short answer is: you can’t. The long answer is: you don’t really need to, since the point in the Wings tutorial is to have a flat surface at the end of the cylinder, and you’ve got that in Blender.

Try this: make the 6 sided cylinder, you get six triangles on the end.
Join the triangles two by two[select then Alt+Jkey], to get three losenge shaped quads [Use face select mode]

[Switch to vertex or edge select mode]Use the loop cut tool [Ctrl+Rkey, 3] to slice each pair of sides into four faces

[Switch back to face mode] Select and delete faces [XKey>>faces] on “sharpened” end of pencil

[Switch back to vertex select mode] Select the inside vertices [Alt+RMB] and snap the cursor to their center [Shift+Skey>>Cursor to selection]

Make these into a “sphere” (actually a circle) [To Sphere>>100%>>OK]

Scale these vertices inward, and you’re at step 11 in the wings tutorial. Hope this is enough to get you started.

Wow, thanks, this help was awesome! :slight_smile:

Here I am, just at step 14/15 :frowning:
I’m looking for something similar to “Magnet” / “Magnet influence” in Blender. Can you give me a hint please?

Manual: Proportional Edit <-- I think this page says more than a thousand words (I didn’t count the words though ;))