Beginner help! Pen and Pencil Short Film

(Brian Bertie) #1

G’day, my name is Brian and I have begun working on 3D animation. It was something that I was keen on for some time but never got around to it until about the past month, and I have made some fast progress on it but as per there is a few things I still struggle on and need help.

So I’m making a very simple 2 minute short film about a Pen and Pencil competing to write on a piece of paper. I have all the story written with the ending being set up well I would reckon. The reason I chose to tackle this as it’s one of the easier “short film ideas” to do before going on to model humans and bigger projects. Beginners work.

Right now I am struggling on the next few things and am seeking for help.

  • Pen and Pencil jumping animation. They have invisible hands and no legs, and I want the jumping animation to resemble that of Veggietales for it to look somewhat real.
  • Ink effect. This one I could probably figure out on my own but I’ll leave it just in case, as I was having a few FPS problems on my PC.
  • Toy truck modeling - this is my kryptonite. Modelling I’m sure for most is the toughest thing to learn in Blender and this will take me a good while to fully learn. I can model the base of it but I am struggling with the wheel.

The only ones where I absolutely need help is 1 and 3 though.

If you’re interested in helping out a beginner, don’t be afraid to let me know and I’ll drop a PM! All names will go in credits unless asked not to.


(Osayomi Peters Akin) #2

Contact me at [email protected]