beginner: hiding parts of the model?

Hi, I am still a beginner, let me quickly say what I have accomplished so far and what I want to achieve:
I have a character model and have it rigged to an armature structure imported from a bvh-file. It has one named animation sequence.
Now I have a vehicle as a static model which should be my central model. The vehicle should have multiple animations:

  1. idle (no driver)
  2. active (with driver not moving)
  3. later some more (enter, exit, …)
    So far I always approached simple modelling by first creating a full static model, then adding the armatures and then rigging it up. Now assuming I have rigged up the whole vehicle to one bone and the whole driver to its bone structure and both are connected by one additional bone. How would I make the driver invisible for the idle animation?


You can use an IPO curve to change the layer of an object. Assuming that you are rendering layer 1 only, frame 1-200 both car and driver are on layer 1. From frame 200-500, the driver is on layer2, etc.

With an object selected, change to IPO curve editor, and in object context, you will see Layer at the right side of the ipo curve editor window.

Best of Luck!

I think you are going at this the wrong way. Think of your animation as a series of shots you have to do. Then shoot each shot separatly.
In your example the idle car would be a separate shot. The car with the driver another one.
Animate all these shots in separate passes and later stitch them together to get a single animation.

Thanks OBI, I guess with that information I can figure out how to get to where I want to get.

@musk, the final result should not be a rendered movie, but I want to call the animation sequences in a DirectX program which just handles one model and can call animations on that model.