Beginner - How to achieve this effect?

Hello and Welcome!

This is my first post so Ill introduce myself. My name is Chrisstopher and Im working in design industry in Poland. Recently I fell in love in Blender and in my free time I`m trying to learn this great piece of software.

Currenty Im using it for showcasing work to my clients and for portfolio. I know how to set and light scene, use nodes to add shaders and textures to objects and such. But I want to achieve more realistic effect! Unfortunately I dont know how!

Please help dear blender artists! :slight_smile: I want to achieve this kind of paper effect - do i need to master a bump map or other technique?

Thanks for your help and sorry for my english.

Kind Regards

(cycles)For the DOF, select your camera then go into the camera properties.
Down at the bottom youll see “Depth of Field” In the focus panel select the object you want in focus and then set the radius size to something like .05. Start small its pretty strong.

Hi Rich!

Thank you for your post, but DOF is not what im looking for. I`m looking to how achieve this paper texture feel.

Here`s another example

It’s only a matter of having a good paper texture for bump, and a secondary light at grazing angle in order to emphasize the bump.


EDIT: saying ‘a secondary light’ I meant that it has not to be the key light of the scene, but it can be of course if you want a dramatic lighting. And sorry for my English too.