Beginner learning blender:I find out the easiest&quickest way to make Metcap with AMD RPR

I had learning blender since blender 2.8 released. I used to render cars or motorcycles scenes that’s my favorites. With AMD Pro Render which I’ve learning
was the best way to make MetCap Image for shading my models as I want. Here’s some Example and creation .blend files. hope you like it.

Champange_Freak.exr (2.9 MB) Citys_Grey.exr (2.9 MB) Gold Polished.exr (2.9 MB)
Pearl_White.exr (2.9 MB) RetileRed.exr (2.0 MB) Silver Polished.exr (1.0 MB)

You have to download AMD RPR latest version that work with blender 2.83 and some HDRI form HDRI Heaven.


gold polished

silver polished

solid grey

Pearl White

champange Freak

After each rendered save the image with the format .exr and install.

Scene File:
MetCap_scenes.7z (4.7 MB)

In PNG Format: