Beginner Looking for Some Critiques on Their Work

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Hey there!

Been working with Blender since early February after a sudden urge to get stuck in after being intrigued in 3D modeling for years. Since then I’ve created a few renders and I’d appreciate some feedback on them. Now I’ve currently done 4 images and 1 animation (technically) but seeing as I can only post 3 attachments at a time and can’t post URLs due to being a new member, I’ll post the first 3 and add the others when this goes up. I’ll add the dates and descriptions that I wrote on imgur:

​"Childhood Memory" Created February 17th 2018,
I like this one but as my first non-tutorial based render it’s pretty basic, would like any problems pointed out though.

Created February 22nd 2018
Hot diggity was this a mess, guess I got cocky. From the odd lighting to the poor textures to the nonexistent shading I challenge anyone to find something not wrong with this.

“Childhood Arts”
Created March 23rd 2018
Quite a gap with this one, combination of busy life stuff and concentrating on learning because of last time. I was told that the crayons were too perfect (which I agree with and I can fix) and that it looks flat (which after not knowing how to fix for a while I was told it was to do with the lighting). If someone can give me more pointers that’d be appreciated.

As I said I have another which hopefully I’ll be able to attach quickly. Also these are all renders that I have done myself, I’ve done about 10 others but these have all been tutorial/course based, and therefore I don’t think they’re a proper showcase of my skill level. I put these on Reddit and was told that lighting and material/shading were my weakest areas (which I’m inclined to agree, especially on shading) but the more feedback, the better, no?

Thanks to everyone who checks this out. I hope this is the right place the post the more beginner/inexperienced projects, despite them having very blatant flaws I still worked quite hard on them and I strive to improve. Any criticisms and way to improve on those criticisms are very much appreciated, have a good day!

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Right, here we are. It also appears that my original thread with the URL got through interestingly so I’ve reported that so it doesn’t clog the forum up. Here’s the last one I was referring to:

"Nintendo Switch"Created April 6th 2018Latest one, spent about 4 days glued to my PC to complete it (get the feeling this is quite common). Quite proud of it at the moment but topologically speaking it’s a mess (though managed to clean it up a little), other problems too like the Joy-Cons being way too shiny and the triggers being asymmetrical. Also meant to make the screen an emission type but I lost track of time.


Just an animated version of the above render, can see things like the asymmetrical triggers better (or at all) here.

Thanks for checking out again, and my bad for the double thread post thingy.