Beginner Modeling Question

Hi, new to blender, like less than a week. lol

I’ve just started going through the 2010 Blender Training videos, creating that character Kara. I’ve come across this problem before when i tried doing a yellow submarine tut.

My problem is, i’m not sure how its comes about, but when i have a cube or extruded cube, when i go to grab an edge and move it, or a vertex, it moves, but leaves another edge or vertex underneath it, as if there’s double.
and this is a serpeate problem i believe, i’ve somehow managed to get a vertex in a spot i never put it in. Here are some screen shots to help with my explanation.
I hope i’m making sense and that someone can help me.


The two vertexes circled are the ones which i don’t want, but i’d still like to keep a sollid shape, if i delete them then i lose the whole face. Thank you!


The problem seems that you are extruding some vetices more than once. If you extrude one vertex by pressing the “e”-key you will generate a new vertex linked to the old vertex. Both are occupying the same spot. If you do not move the new generated vertex to another spot but press “e” again, you will generate a third vertex at the original spot. You should keep an eye at the vertex count at the upper right edge of the information window.

For your problem: just select the marked vertices and delete them. Then select two opposite vertices of the now open hexagon and hit the “f”-key. This will generate an additional edge dividing the hexagon into two four sided meshes. Now select all six top vertices and press “f” again. This will fill the two quads with faces closing the top again.

Remove doubles which can be found in the tool bar (T with cursor in 3d viewport) is a great way to clean up accidental extrudes.

Or select all and press W. There is that same “remove doubles” button.

thanks so much! =]

Worked like a charm.