Beginner need help - texture crash ?

I just started with blender, so please help me :slight_smile:
I created a sackboy with texture, but when i push “p” for play (view) the texture on my sackboy is broken ;/ But when i push f12 it’s working.

Someone knows how to fix it? I really need it to work, please.


help.blend (244 KB)

Three things.
First you didn’t upload the image with the blend, but that doesn’t really change much.

Second, the reason is that you didn’t unwrap sack boy, and then apply the image as a UV.

Third, your sack boy has normals facing all different directions. To fix this, select all of sack boy’s vertices and then in the tool panel under normals hit recalculate.

I tested that, and I can now see textures after I hit play. Hope that helps.