Beginner need some help...


I’m new to Blender and enjoying it so far. I’ve read through some tutorials and already made some interesting things. I have some questions regarding exporting files.

My goal is to export models and use them in a C++/OpenGL application. I’d write the importer in my application myself so I don’t want something overcomplicated. I just need a simple header, with the list of vertex and texture coords of triangles (normals are not needed), and that’s all.

After trying some imports around, I think that the obj is well adapted to my needs, am I right? Also, there is several obj: wavefront, videoscape, videoscape with vertex colors, which one should I use?

So what format should I use? And where can I find specs for it?

Thanks in advance for any hint.

Use Wavefront OBJ, it’s the simplest, and you’ll likely find a pre-coded importer at

You can also turn on normals and UV coordinates if you show normals and UV-map your object in Blender before exporting.

Good luck.

Thank you for your help, my .obj parser is doing the job now.

Another question: is it possible to force Blender to use triangles only? Exported models have faces with more than 3 vertices (e.g. quads), but I’m pretty sure Blender can triangulate polygons for me?

Select the object.
Tab into Edit Mode.
Press A once or twice until all vertices are selected.
Press Ctrl-T to convert to triangles.
Tab to return to Object Mode.

You may want to give the model a quick visual once-over while still in Edit Mode just to make sure the triangles are arranged the way you want in certain spots.