Beginner needing help with bones and animating

Hi, I am doing a school project to create an animation. I have run into a problem of when am to move 1 leg of my elephant model both legs move and because I am a complete noob at using the full extent of blender I was hoping for some assistant. Another problem is that the bones in the second leg do not move around the model as well.

I thought it has to do with me doing the bones incorrectly or due to me mirroring the elephant model.

Here are some pictures of my problems.



This is likely related to mirroring , I’m not 100% sure but that looks like too. It’s indeed a bit tricky to get it right the first time.

Do you have a mirror modifier ?
If that the case :
-look for modifiers order (mirror first , armature second).
-All left bones should have a .L or _L postfix (ex : lowerleg_L) , and corresponding right bones should have _R postfix (lowerleg_R)

At that point, it should be working, or maybe one side isn’t moving at all.
If that’s the case :
look into your mesh’s vertex groups, and make sure that all _L groups gets their corresponding _R groups. The mirror modifier will then auto-assign the same mirrored weights in both groups. So you just need to skin one side of your mesh.

If you don’t have any mirror modifier , then it’s that both legs are skinned to the same bones, but I don’t think it should be the case.

Good luck !