Beginner needs help for a Parkour Game

If you don’t know what parkour (free running) is you can watch it here -

I mainly use Blender for video special effects, or modeling some project I’m either working on or have planned. Like a tesla coil for example.

Anyway I develop desktop, and web applications for friends, family, small business’s, or just for fun, but my brother challenged me today to make a parkour game. Now I’m familiar with using HTML5, and JQuery for making games, but I still consider myself very much a noob when it comes to Python. However this is definitely something I wanna learn. I’m familiar with how to use Blender, I’ve used it to make animations before, and some cartoons to keep my nephew entertained, but like I said a noob when it comes to gaming.

This is a good challenge for me, and I’d like to do this. So if there’s any links such as video tutorials, articles, or whatever you can direct me to related to what I described it’d be greatly appreciated.

This game is merely just a learning experience for me. Although thanks to my brother he gave me a GREAT idea for another game to make, but before I can begin working on it, or telling others I gotta learn how to make something as simple as this. So again like I said before any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


With the Logic Bricks coming together with blender you can do easy controls and start to get into simple game development with blender!

There is a beginning to Blender Python for a simple game on has great python tutorials but you need to know the basics for them first. You can ‘understand Python’ by watching agoose77’s videos on YouTube. You could look at monsters thread for python. You could visit and check out their tutorials. You could use SolarLunes blog to learn python.

Hope they help, I will give links to all of these tomorrow as I’m on my phone now and it’s a bit awkward. If you’re really desperate you could do a search now though!

Or, you could always use logic bricks… ;).
(I know all of those off the top of my head yet I still use 99% Logic Bricks!)

Logic Bricks series:
These should teach you a lot of the basics

Goran Milonavo - Turret Defense series [Teaches you a lot of logic]
MrWilliamSide - My first Blender game [Teaches you all the basics from animation to filters]
Dhaher Al Sayari - Maze game series

Python Series:
Goran Milonavo - Tunnel Runner [Very helpful for Python practice]
CG Cookie - Introduction to Scripting in the Blender game Engine [recommended from a user here to me]
Dhaher Al Sayari - Python series

Written tutorials / resources:
SolarLunes Game Up! website has helped a lot of members
Tutorials For Blender 3D covers a wide range of things
Blendenzo is supposed to be very helpful but may be out-dated.

If you have questions you can ask here or if you are using nilunders 35+ Python tutorials you could ask there.

Hope that was helpful.

These are a great help! Thanks!