Beginner needs help

Hello everyone,

im pretty new using blender and 3D modelling programs at all. I use this because im about to create my own board game, printing out my miniatures on my own. For this, I discovered a great website helping me to make own miniatures and characters with easy tools.

I made some models and bought one to test how it will look printed. Im pleased with the result. But some helmets or weapons I need on my miniatures arent avaible on the website. So I looked around thingiverse, where people already made perfect looking 3D models which I need. My question:

Is it possible to use Blender to combine these two models?

Would be great if this works, would save me lots of time and money. Some additional information: HeroForge saves the document as STL, I dont know exactly what It means but somehow I cannot open it with Blender.

Thank you for reading and maybe there is someone who can help me with my small problem




You have to import STL formats

In Blender go to
File—> Import --> STL