Beginner needs tutorial Book

(Dicon) #1

Can anyone reccomend a book that concentrates on the Blender game maker. I am useless with coding and am trying to get a game / walkthrough to demo my mesh skills and designs. I don’t need any actions other than move around and not bump into things.
Some tutorials are too blurry or to quick for me to follow. Hence the book.

(Cotaks) #2

youtube, way cheaper then books because its free, you can pause the movie at anytime, and you can bookmark it for later reference.

look at character movement tutorials, it has everything you are looking for.

(Jorge Bernal) #3

This book was released a few time ago by Mike Pan and Dalai Felinto. Perfect reading for beginners

(BlueGreen) #4

You could check on this “Game Development with Blender”. Dalai Felinto and Mike Pan worked on this book for 2 to 3 years. It is all about various aspects of the game engine in Blender.

(Dicon) #5

My “Quick reply” to my question of a book isn’t working, so … thanks to all. I have just ordered Game Development with Blender". Dalai Felinto and Mike Pan from Amazon. Looks just what I need. :slight_smile:
Again thanks all.

(achisp) #6

Hello Dicon.
The “Game Development with Blender” book is a good choice.

In the “Free BGE text tutorial index” (link see beneath) are some links to tutorials about basically movement. Look at the second page under “Movement” and “Bullet physics”.
“Character physics” (in the Properties editor, physics tab) is a good choice for beginners, I think.