Beginner new here and Frenchie ... ;)

Hello all,

I come from “Flight simulator X and Gmax” to " the same and Blender", then “Blender” alone, because it’s largely enough ! :wink:
I’ve discover Cycle. A little …
Then I 'm posting here one of my little try .
I’ve past too many hours on it, so I need fresh eyes to notice me all the main mistakes ! (Just the mains … :wink: )

Thank’s to take time to help.



Hi Daniel and welcome :slight_smile: (t’es pas le seul français ici t’en fais pas :wink: )

I like very much the picture even if it’s a bit dark to my taste, we hardly see what’s going on on the first look. I enjoy it though because you’re telling a story, and the models are very well made. What I don’t really get is where the woman in front hurt the guy, we see the blood on the sword but cannot see well if he’s dying or what.
A small remark, her left foot is strange, you might place it in a different position I think. The way her hand is handling the sword is weird too, a sword like that must be heavy and it looks like she doesn’t hold it tight.

Good evening :slight_smile: