Beginner - problem with 3d printing a model

i modeled this pipe in order to print it. It is manifold and doesn’t have any holes. The model is planar with the exception of a small ridge (photo 2). I used the solidify modifier on the whole model to print it.

When i sliced this in prusa slicer it got corrupted in some way (photo 3). When I set it to vase mode it works fine but it doesn’t have the ridge. Does anyone have an idea on how to fix this?

sorry for the joined images. there is some limit on new users

Welcome :tada:,
there seems to be a problem at the connection to the upper tupe (maybe even before the solidify modifier ?)… Try to select the two (?) loops and then Mesh → Merge → By Distance… or while thinking about this:

Left: pure model with ridge… Right: solidify modifier…overlapping geometry?
(Edit2:) you can see this by just selecting some geo and hide it to have this cut view…

Thank you for your reply, does the model before solidify have to be planar (no “air pockets”)? The way i have it is like this:

also. i don’t have any overlapping vertices, checked for that

Did you checked after applying the modifier? Doesn’t seem to be so…

looks like this

and if i do it so it doesn’t overlap it looks like this

The green one is what you want Left orig right solidfy but what is the red one for… yes for problems

You may use the left green to solididify and slighly pull the right green edge outwards after aplying…

the problem i have with that is that it wond be structurally sound, it would be ideal if it could look like this, is there a way to apply the modifier to everything except the ridge?

AFAIK no. But just delete the red one an pull it out after wards:

Edit: stupid me ! for the solidify mod it is posssibly to use vertex groups…

i cant pull it out, its like it is a ghost

oh, ok, i will figure out the vertex groups, thanks a lot for your help :slight_smile:

Hmmm just tryin… excluding doen’t help because it willbe flat…
Can’t pull out? After applying? Maybe toggle x-ray (top right icon like a square behind a square)…

what will be flat, could you take a sreenshot?
edit: i didn’t apply the modifier, my bad
do you know a quick way to select the faces i want to delete (i’ll go with the deleting solution) holding alt doesn’t work there for some reason

I meant the vertices not in the group will not be solidified… so i can’t imagine how this could help right now… ring select is Ctrl-Alt Click (in edit mode and face select selected ) for me (but i’m on linux and sometimes i think this is different on win?)

yeah for me it doesn’t work, i just selected similar area though, thanks for your help againg, I’ll figure it out now