Beginner Procedural Texturing Tutorials

I’ve seen a lot of people shying away from shader nodes or just sticking to a basic PBR workflow and not realising just how powerful the other nodes can be to improve your materials.

These tutorials are aimed at people who are familiar with the interface but haven’t got too deep into nodes yet. I’m covering the basics and I’m being thorough and explaining why we’re using the nodes we’re using so hopefully you can take these techniques into your own materials!

I’ll be releasing a tutorial every week so please let me know how I can improve!

I hope you’re all keeping well!


Working through the first one ATM - great stuff, exactly where I’m at with procedural material generation right now.

I’ve always thought it might be nice if Blender had something simiilar to the FX Map in Substance Designer. Maybe something to think about for the future.

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Thank you! I’ve still not used Substance! It’s on my to do list though! Looking at the documentation for FX Map, it looks like it’s something that would require a loop which is not something you can automate with shader nodes but I wonder if I could still create some approximation of it’s functionality? Definitely something to give a day to!