Beginner project - feedback appreciated


Some time ago I’ve read a Wikibook “Noob to Pro” and right now I’m trying to recall it and read BlenderWiki to get known better with Blender.

I’ve decided to create a model of my desk lamp. Frankly - I have never been artist talented which I deplore…

I would like to know what do you think about it, what should I change, fix, on what should I work, etc.
Please remember that I’m a newbie in a Blender world, but I must admit that I enjoy working with Blender.

Thanks in advance for your opinion.

PS. I’ve tried to make the “halogen bulb” looks like turned on but I couldn’t achieve this. The only way I think of was to set a hemi light which was turn into the lamp (when I tried to put ex. spot light INSIDE the lamp (above the glass) it rays didn’t go through the glass and the bulb doesn’t seem to be turned on).

Edit: Also what can I do to make the lamp looks like it is really ON the table and not levitating or looking like pasted into?