Beginner Q: Exporting Games?

Ok, so i’ve made some “games.” Well more like somethings using the game engine, like a bouncing ball, that kind of stuff, so when i press “P” it does it’s thing.

well is there anyway to render the game, as in have the same thing happen when i press p, but not inside blender. Just like makeing and animation a quicktime move, but instead a game into what…???

And i have spent over 2 hours looking through blender manuals, why is the not made more obvious?

in blender, click File>save runtime and choose where you want to export your file to. Now go into your blender folder and copy python23.dll and sdl.dll to the same directory as your exported game.

If you want to render an animation of the ball bouncing, you would go into the “game” menu (a few to the right of ‘File’). check the “Record game physics to ipo” option. Then you press p and watch your ball bounce or whatever, and when you’re done, press escape. Then when you press ctrl-a or alt-a the ball bouncing is an animation! This you can render like any other animation, and you can see the ipo curves in the IPO menu. Pretty sweet!

I’m interested in the same thing. How can it be done for mac?

If you use blender 2.25 publisher, you can do the same without having to copy paste those .dll files. It just makes one stand alone. Also anything made with 2.25 publisher runs much smoother (higher framerate) than anything made with the 2.3 and .4 versions.

I wonder why the 2.25 publisher version outperforms the .3 & .4 ones?

I know I shouldnt be asking an off-topic question, but seeing as how the answer for the export question has already been given, I see no harm in asking.

So if anyone knows, please tell me.

Thank you.

thanks for your help

The game engine got alot more attention back then. Its getting that attention again right now with version 2.41 coming out with new game engine features.