Beginner question - Tuhopuu2

Sorry to ask, but I am a little confused about the definitons here:

“Tuhopuu2” - what is this ?

Is this the the code name for the current “blender render engine” or “game render engine” such as an addon like YafRay or is it something total different ?

Thanks for clearing this up.

tuhopuu2 is another blender tree

as in, another parallel version of blender

it is the playground for new features which may not be stable and aren’t fully tested. Once the author is confident with them, the feature is usually ported to the bf-blender [offical] tree and we would see it in the next release.

Tuhopuu is the kinda pre-test blender. Coders who aren’t working on “official” features put them into tuhopuu. It’s kinda just experimental.


aaaah, got it :wink:

thanks !