Beginner Question

I want to learn 3D Modeling and i decided now to use Blender because its open-source and very powerfull.
But what is the best way to learn Modeling and Rendering in Blender?
Should i take some tutorials and learn by doing them? Or should i buy the printed manual in the Blender-Shop?
If i should buy the manual is it new enough (manual version is 2.30)?
What way should i learn to handle Yafray? Can i use the printed manual for this?

Sorry for bad English :wink:

MFG Biber

Hi and welcome to the world of Blender! No one learns the same so I there is no ‘official’ answer that I can give you, but how I learned blender is by googling blender tutorials across the web, starting with something basic like a dice or a vase, then wored my way to the more advanced features such as particles, fluids, yafray rendering…

I can’t comment on the manual since I never seen one, but GOOGLE and Blenderwiki is a good start. THere is also the eBook Blender: Noob to Pro But last time I checked it’s still under heaby construction. The upside of internet-based resources is that they are much cheaper, easier to acess and more up-to-date.

Have fun!

Personally, it didn’t really click for me until I start reading the manual. Start at the beginning and read, read, read.

That’s one method to learn, at least.