beginner questions with gus

I hope this is the place to be asking beginner questions. Most of what I am finding on the web seems too advanced for my intro level skills.

I am trying to complete the gus character in the 2.3 book. No matter how many times I go through the silly tutorial I get different results. It’s driving me out of my mind because it is difficult to find and correct my mistakes.

One thing I cannot figure out is why I come up with a hard edge on the inside of the leg. If I redo it the leg is smooth. When I try to do it without the book to see if I remember everything it comes back. I can’t figure out what I do to make it appear or disappear.

The other thing the drives me crazy is why I don’t get a crease down the center of the character when I first look at it in solid mode. Am I doing something wrong or am I doing better than the guy who wrote the book?

What’s going on?


While the book will be a useful reference as you progress with Blender, some things have changed since it was written. You can find the updated Gus tutorial here

I did tha tutorial, didnt finish gus yet… all I really need is just the colors on gus… but… :slight_smile: gus is looking good down my way… also… if you are a newbie… let me know I can probably help you with gus and learn together if you dont mind. If anything just post back and let me know :slight_smile: I have advanced alot since these past 30 days :slight_smile:

If you post your file at the stage you find things different from the tutorial, we could look at it and possibly determine what the problem is.

For some great tutorials, check out the “Summer of Documentation” link in my signature.


Hi all,
Thanks for taking the time.

One thing I forgot to say yesterday, I am running 3.2 from the CD that came with The Official Blender 2.3 Guide.

I did the file I had the crease and leg problems with over again and can’t reproduce the problem. But what the heck I found others.

I DID figure something out that was pretty great to me. Some control buttons only appear in one mode or the other. If only I knew that a couple of weeks ago. I wrote the correct mode in the book at the point I had the problems and things began to work much better.

I tried to figure out how to add a picture but that can’t be done here can it? Should I just email a copy or add a link to a URL. (The link thing looks like the only option here. Am I right?)

Mike - I tried the new gus tutorial but I can only go so far before the stuff in the tutorial doesn’t match the screen. Thanks though, those will come in handy once I move out of 3.2.

One more thing, I am kind of new to all this talking over the web stuff and there is still a lot I have to learn. Up to now it has been email and not much else.

Thanks for your patience.

I presume you mean 2.3 :slight_smile:

Of course it’s up to you, but that version is a couple of years old, and there are probably a few hundred bug fixes and improvements that have been made since then. I think you’d be better off using 2.42a and following the tutorials in the Summer of Documentation, there are modelling, animation, texturing, lighting and physics/effects tutorials that all start at a very basic beginner level.

Which is why again I advise you to use the latest version, especally if you’re looking for answers on the forum, as most users here will be using 2.42a or maybe 2.41 and your problems may either be bugs that have been fixed or things that can be addressed by using newer/better features in the current version.

Yes there are a number of areas that work that way. OBJECT/EDIT mode being one of the primary ones. Armature(bones) Object/Edit/Pose mode being another one that I can think of.

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2.3 you mean :slight_smile: Again I think you’re better off using the current version, and asking here if need be, how to do something that’s in the guide.

Oh, and btw when you run the new version the SubSurf button is now on the Modifer panel in the Edit buttons window. That has become almost a running joke here as it’s probably the most frequently asked question :slight_smile:

** You can have multiple Blender versions on your machine, just put them in seperate folders/directories, they will all live peacefully together :slight_smile:


P.S. Did you draw that image in your Avatar ?

You can have multiple Blender versions on your machine, just put them in seperate folders/directories, they will all live peacefully together

AND run peacefully together!!!

I’m back (don’t know if that’s good or bad).

Been working on 2.42a and having a much better time. I actually made some stuff. After all the frustration with 2.3 (is that the correct version number?) The new one is much easier to use and the tutorials are easier to understand. Thanks for the help on this. Guess I’m off to find better and bigger problems to get myself stuck in (but I mean that in a good way).

Mike, the avatar is clip art that I made some changes to. I do have a beard though. My wife thinks it’s cute because the picture looks “so much younger” than I am.

Thanks again for all your comments guys.


I have a question
how can i undo CRLT-U and restore the default blender screen?

Delete the .B.blend file in the .blender directory in your installation directory.

Just a quickie.
I dont know if that will helps you but I think I have done the “gingerbread man” tutorial like 3 times full before starting to get the same results… And I never knew what was wrong!
Until after where I realised some mistake in the tutorial, and some differences with my blender 2.41!
But after I managed to do it and did it quickly!!!

most often its just a setting that you changed or a button that you pressed/unopress or unshortcuted by mistake…!

please don’t hijack others threads like this, if you have a such question, please start an own thread, or simply try to look into documents, do forumsearch, but never hijack other threads.

sorry j1adobe that I need to do this, but sometimes we need to do it in the open to let users know what is not appropiate.