Beginner questions

Hello everybody,

first, I want to express my feelings about this amazing software named “blender”. There are many 3D modelling tools available, but Blender kicks them all with its integrated game engine. Congratulations !!!

So, I started to download Blender, read an amount of tutorials and a litttle about te history of Blender (NaN etc.), bought me the GameKit Book from Amazon and studied some blend-files. But now I feel like stuck, since I miss some information on the pages: What is the current functionality of the 3d game engine ? I started some own experiments using Blender, but I always touch some buttons use the integrated renderer and get nice pictures. As soon as I start the same version with the game engine, I miss many features: For example there are “stars” in the blender renderer, but not in the engine - there are colours and textures, but only UV/Vertex in the Game Engine and so forth. What I really miss is a list of (game engine reduced) functionality, that one can use when working with the game engine. Is there any tip / tutorial for me on the web ?

Another question is about the online tutorials on the blender page: Many tutorials of interest are still linked to or NaN-Sites, which seem to be down. So, is there an alternativ site where to find them ?

Especially I am interested in these things in my own game:

a) Space background (stars, coloured universes that move with the movement of my ship) - any tutorials about that ?
b) what features are available for python scripting ? is there a difference between 2.25 (i have the gameKit book with the descritpion of 2.25) and 2.34 ?
c) Halo lights ? How you get them in your game ?
d) Artificial intelligence - maybe a little python example !?
e) How you communicate between players in a multiplayer game ? Any python examples available ?
f) What is the functional difference of the game engine between 2.34 and 2.25 ?

I want to excuse me, if I posted questions that have been answered already. But I surfed through this forum and fond many interesting posts with linked pages, that are not available anymore.

Is there a site where I could find available tutorials corresponding to my questions above ?

Thanks in advance !

no tuts that I know of. you’d need probably a bunch of textures blended in add mode.

2.34 doesn’t seem to add much to 2.25 python-wise
in python you can mess with sensors and actuators, the object [set its velocity/position or get them and several other things]

2.34 introduced a bunch of new things, which I haven’t seen used yet.

you can’t do it the same way as when rendering, where the shadow of an object has an effect on it. You would probably do it with a cone in add mode, perhaps with a reflection texture on it [so the center looks thicker than the edges]

… uhh, I don’t personally have one to point out

… also, I don’t personally have one to point out

you can probably do a search for several

non-sphere bounding boxes!!!

… yeah, that is all I can think of

Here’s a tutorial for the stars that i just wrote:

Halo lights can be faked by using an add or alpha texture on a cube or cone.

There hasn’t been much multiplayer advancment in gameblender, but there has been some. Search this forum and you’ll find plenty of stuff.


i guess, the stars must be in background scene then.

but how do you move the background according to the rotation of the ship ?
I read something about skyboxes here. is this the technique I am philosophing about and are there tutorials available for skyboxes ?

thanks in advance !

… uhh, I don’t personally have one to point out

The best artificial intelegence that I have seen is the one by snail rose. it’s the one with the city. He did an excelent job coding but there aren’t too many comments in the code so you might want to have a pretty good idea on how to read python. I believe that you can find his work in the game list. if not then you might want to see if JD has a backup of it somewhere.