Beginner robot blenderer

Hello. I decided to acquaint myself with sculpting and thus this thing was born, took me 50 hours…
Any thoughts on the general model style?
I am not an artist or anything related, so it’s hard to judge for me.
And how does one go about painting stuff like this? Modeling was cool, but I found myself absolutely clueless when time came to put meterials on.

(This looked much easier when masterxeon1001 did it :evilgrin: )

What is it supposed to be? looks fancy but idk what it is.
Top image is better than bottom image

That is a robot head + shoulders + back engine.
Thanks for input.

Eyes definitely need a glow of some sort.

Both texture jobs look really good to me. The last (moving) image definitely gives a better view of what it is.

I don’t know how to texture paint so I can’t help you there.