Beginner: scene multi "assets", make assets individual and link or make part of single file?

New modeler here. Im gonna make a scene with some objects and can see myself possibly using these in different projects later. Obviously being a beginner the current objects/assets i make now will not be to a “level / quality” i will want to reuse 6 months/years down the line, but im wondering whats the best way to go about this.

If you are using 2.8 I would suggest just putting your different assets in their own collections. If/when your project gets too large for your liking you can move the bigger more complex objects to their own files and link them in. You might also keep objects in their own file if you plan on reusing them in other projects.

Thanks or the tip. Out of curiosity, why did you say “If you are using 2.8” (which i am), just wondering ?

Shortly after making this thread i came across When to link external blend files and it has alot of info in it, in case others missed that thread as well.